Welcome to the Paeschke lab!


The Paeschke Group has moved to the European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA) at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

Find current informations and contact here: eriba.umcg.nl/people/katrin-paeschke/

General informations about our research fields:

The maintenance of genome stability is a major challenge for every cell and depends on a large variety of factors. Loss of genome stability can result in dramatic outcomes for the cell, including mutation, DNA deletions, recombination, and/or dysregulation of the cellular machinery, which eventually results in cell death (apoptosis) or a disease state (cancer).

It is well documented that secondary nucleic acid structures like riboswitches, stem-loops, and pseudoknots are involved in gene regulation. Recent research by many groups led to the hypothesis that G-quadruplexes, stable secondary RNA or DNA structures, have key regulatory functions during many cellular processes (e.g., meiosis, transcription, and replication). Because of their stability, G-quadruplex structures must be tightly regulated, and mistakes that occur during these regulation events lead to genome instability.

The focus of our research is the functional analysis of G-quadruplex structures. We are also interested in telomerase activity on DNA double-strand breaks and its impact on genome integrity in vivo.